The Late Foucault
Edited by Marta Faustino and Gianfranco Ferraro

The Late Foucault — Ethical and Political Questions, edited by Marta Faustino and Gianfranco Ferraro, was recently published by Bloomsbury. Focusing on the last stage of Foucault’s thought, this book brings together international scholars to relaunch the critical debate on the significance of Foucault’s so-called “ethical turn” and to discuss the ways in which the perspectives offered by Foucault in this period might help us to unravel modernity, giving us the tools to understand and transform our present, ethically and politically.


List of Contributors: Michael Ure, John Sellars, Federico Testa, Amélie Berger Soraruff, Élise Escalle, Luca Lupo, Gianfranco Ferraro, Antonio Moretti, Laurence Barry, Karim Barakat, Edgar Straehle, Matko Krce-Ivancic, Andrea Teti, Marta Faustino and Kurt Borg.


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