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Scientific Employment Stimulus
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The Nova Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA) at the NOVA University of Lisbon (NOVA FCSH) welcomes expressions of interest from candidates who are qualified and interested in applying for fixed-term research positions (6 years) funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) in the context of the 4th edition of the Scientific Employment Stimulus programme. The FCT call will be open between 29 January and 26 February 2021 (17:00 Lisbon Time) and candidates, holders of PhDs at various stages of career, will apply online directly to the FCT, but their application must be supported by the host institution where they will develop their research plan. The selected doctorates are directly hired by the identified host institution, through FCT funding.


The expression of interest to be hosted by IFILNOVA may be submitted in English or Portuguese (max 1000 words + CV) and must include a summary of the research project and a justification for the integration of the research program in one of IFILNOVA’s thematic lines (more on the thematic lines here). The hosting of candidates is to be confirmed pending (i) an interview, in person or online, with the coordinator of the laboratory in which the proposed application will be integrated as well as (ii) an explicit and justified recommendation of acceptance written by the coordinator of the laboratory in which the proposed application will be integrated, and by at least one additional integrated member of IFILNOVA.


If you are interested in having IFILNOVA host your application, please submit your expression of interest to IFILNOVA mentioning the laboratory where you would like to develop your research project. The deadline for receiving expressions of interest is 8th of Feb 2021.


More on the FCT Scientific Employment Stimulus programme here.