The Politics of Emotional Shockwaves
Edited by Ana Falcato and Sara Graça da Silva

Ana Falcato, Sara Graça da Silva (Eds.)


  • Comprises a collection of especially written essays by specialists in philosophy, literary theory, the visual arts and architecture
  • Provides a much-needed and original take on the relationship between emotions and morality
  • Offers perspectives on critical questions facing a globalised society on the verge of political, financial and emotional collapse


This interdisciplinary volume brings together specialists from different backgrounds to deliver expert views on the relationship between morality and emotion, putting a special emphasis on issues related to emotional shocks. One of the distinctive aspects of social existence today is our subjection to traumatic events on a global scale, and our subsequent embodiment of the emotional responses these events provoke. Covering various methodological angles, the contributors ensure careful and heterogeneous reflection on this delicate topic. With eleven original essays, the collection spans a wide variety of fields from philosophy and literary theory, to the visual arts, history, and psychology. The authors cover diverse themes, including philosophical approaches to political polarization; the impact of negative emotions such as anger on inter-relational balance; humour and politics; media and the idea of progress; photography and trauma discourse; democratic morality in modern Indian society; emotional olfactory experiences; phenomenological readings of spatial disorientation, and the significance of moral shocks. This timely volume offers crucial perspectives on contemporary questions relating to ethical behaviours, and the challenges of a globalized society on the verge of political, financial and emotional collapse.


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