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Animation workshop for children

CineMagia – Cinema and Philosophy at the Library is a program for children aged 4 to 10 that combines fun and learning. With a schedule that includes short film screenings and animation and poster creation workshops, CineMagia aims to stimulate creativity and help children think about important values.

During the cinema sessions, children will watch a carefully selected collection of short films that prompt reflection on issues such as respect and preservation of nature, family dynamics, friendship, emotions, and the importance of empathy. After viewing, they will be encouraged to express their ideas and opinions about the films and the questions they raise, guided by the program’s researchers and educators.

To make the experience even more enriching, CineMagia also offers animation and poster workshops, where children can put their creativity into practice. In these workshops, children will learn to create simple animations or develop visual concepts, imagine and (re)create posters. With CineMagia, children will have the opportunity to explore the world of cinema and animation in a fun and educational way while exploring their creativity to reflect on important values and develop critical thinking.

This program is developed by the Cinema & Politics: Philosophical Approaches working group as part of the activities of the Laboratory of Cinema & Philosophy (CineLab) and with the support of the Laboratory of Dissemination (OutLab) in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.

This session will take place on November 18th at the Goethe-Institut Library and will consist of an animation workshop led by Ana Dias, illustrator, graduated in Visual Arts and Multimedia — Drawing and Painting from the University of Évora.

Free admission.