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Somos Mulheres (2023), Marta Fiolić

Somos Mulheres
Marta Fiolić
Interactive documentary | 2023

This story begins in January 2021 in a cafe in Alcântara, when a psychologist brings together an artist and a woman who would become the president of the association SOMOS MULHERES. The prospects were not encouraging. It was even heard “Don’t bring me another doctor, you know I’m going to put her away”. But even so, or despite this, two years later an interactive documentary is in front of you, made with a lot of love and dedication, through the continuous collaboration between seven heroines and “another doctor”, who today is a friend and fellow fighter. Opening a window into the stories and lives of homeless women, this documentary is an invitation to a sincere and honest conversation that can not only break stereotypes, but also give hope and pave the way for a better society .

Hosted by Cossoul and starting at 7 PM, the session on December 6th will launch the interactive documentary Somos Mulheres developed as part of the PhD in Cinema at NOVA FCSH by Marta Fiolić, artist, researcher, and collaborator of the working group on Cinema & Politics at CineLab – IFILNOVA. The protagonists, women from the association SOMOS MULHERES will be present as well and participate in the debate, moderated by Maria Irene Aparício, researcher at CineLab, and assistant professor at FCSH – NOVA University Lisbon.

The session will be in Portuguese. Free admission.

Cinema & Política

Cinema & Politics is a film and discussions programme that proposes a critical and reflective analysis of the impact of cinema on contemporary society, addressing philosophical, socio-economic and socio-cultural issues. Through a careful selection of films that explore relevant themes, such as power, democracy, (in)equality, freedom, justice, resistance, memory, ecology, globalization, among others, this cycle aims to stimulate debate and reflection on the relevance of cinema in understanding today’s world.

The programme also offers a space for discussion and exchange of ideas – the sessions will always be followed by discussions, moderated by researchers and students, with the participation of guests with a direct connection to the proposed theme, thus seeking to deepen reflection and encourage the collective construction of the knowledge.

The programme is organized by Marta Fiolić and Maria Irene Aparício of the research group Cinema & Politics: Philosophical Approaches, within the scope of the activities of the Laboratory of Cinema and Philosophy (CineLab) and with the support of the Laboratory of Dissemination (OutLab).