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Epistemologia da Religião

Integração em projeto de investigação.

PTDC/FER-FIL/32203/2017 – Epistemologia da Crença Religiosa: Wittgenstein, Gramática e o Mundo Contemporâneo / Epistemology of Religious Belief: Wittgenstein, Grammar and the Contemporary World


Faith beyond Scepticism. This taks departs from the view that faith is neither a belief in certain ideas which has a low degree of evidence nor an arbitrary will to believe. It is an inner orientation, an attitude of ultimate concern, which calls for the whole person and provides the centre of self-relatedness in which all elements of one’s being are united. Concern for ultimate reality as well as the closer unity between the agent and his faculties, beliefs and actions that such concern makes it possible are sought and expressed conceptually in philosophy and symbolically in religion. Reason and faith cannot therefore oppose each other on pain of personal disintegration and nihilistic indifference toward the meaning of one’s actions and cognitive responses. And this is where scepticism may enter. Our mail goal in this task will be to give a Wittgensteinian account of its shortcomings. In addition, we shall also extract consequences for current discussions in epistemology that can benefit from Wittgenstein’s work of clarification.

Objetivos da unidade curricular/Learning objectives
1. Aquisição de competências práticas de investigação em filosofia da religião num quadro epistemológico em conexão com o pensamento de Wittgenstein / Acquisition of practical competences of research in philosophy of religion within an epistemological framework in connection with Wittgenstein’s thought;
2. Capacidade de organizar e apresentar resultados de investigação válidos em projetos coletivos / Capacity to organize and present valid research outputs in collective projects;
3. Capacidade de comunicar e discutir as implicações dos resultados segundo cânones académicos / Capacity to communicate and discuss the implication of the outputs according to academic standards;
4. Estabelecimento de contato com investigadores e docentes de outras instituições que participam nas atividades do projeto / Establishment of contact with researchers and teachers from other institutions who participate in the activities of the project.
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