EPLab • Mesa Redonda

Liberalism & the philosophy of migration – Roundtable discussion for the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Phil Cole’s “Philosophies of Exclusion”

Elizabeth Challinor (NOVA University of Lisbon & CRIA) (Chair), Opening remarks
Daniel Sharp (New York University), Relational Equality and Immigration
Daniel Weltman (Ashoka University), Exclusion’s Centrality to Liberalism and the Politics of Territory
Dario Mazzola (University of Bergen) Salus Rei Publicae Suprema Lex? Realism in Migration Ethics from Philosophies of Exclusion to the Migrant Crisis
Discussants: Rebecca Buxton (University of Oxford) & Rufaida Al Hashmi (University of Oxford)




Philip Cole (UWE Bristol), Closing remarks


After the discussants’ interventions, the floor will be open to questions. In order to guarantee an orderly session, we recommend that participants send a message to the chair when they want to take the floor. If possible, messages should include the question itself, as this would be helpful for time management. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact gabriele.deangelis[at]fcsh.unl.pt