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Maria Grazia Rossi
Research Fellow

Maria Grazia Rossi (PhD in Cognitive Science, 2012) works as a postdoc researcher. She is Co-PI of a national project on the use of metaphors as argumentative tools to improve communication and to strengthen the relationship between patients and healthcare providers.

Her current research focuses on the role of metaphors as argumentative tools in the context of healthcare communication. She is mainly working in two health contexts: chronic diseases, with a focus on diabetes communication, and assisted reproductive technology. In these contexts, she is promoting multidisciplinary through a cross-thematic approach integrating expertise coming from the fields of pragmatics, communication, cognitive science, psychology, argumentation, and corpus linguistics.

She is currently part of the Advisory Committee of the International Association for Communication in Healthcare and Deputy National Representative for Portugal within the same association. She organizes the annual conference “Caring discourse”, with the aim of promoting diverse national and international collaborations on topics related to communication in healthcare within academia and beyond.

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